Maurica Zandvliet

Name: Maurice Zandvliet

Title: M. Zandvliet, DVM, MVR, PhD, Dipl. ECVIM-CA [Internal Medicine] & [Medical Oncology]


Current position:

Assistant professor,

UU Animal Cancer Centre, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University


Resume: When I started my studies in veterinary medicine, I pictured myself as a farm animal vet. But during my studies in Utrecht, I shifted from farm animals to avian and exotic animal medicine, to finally pursue a career in small animals. Small animal Internal Medicine had my main interest and following a residency I passed the European Speciality board exams in 2007. Between 2006-2010 I worked in various sub-disciplines within the speciality of Internal Medicine and the ICU at Utrecht university and combined this with working in a private referral practice.

In 2010 my focus shifted again and now to Oncology and Radiotherapy. A second residency as well as additional training in radiotherapy were completed and I passed my second European specialty exam in Medical Oncology in 2015.

Working at a university requires a scientific career and a PhD project was started in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology (prof. J. Fink-Gremmels) resulting in my PhD-thesis “Drug resistance in canine lymphoma” which was successfully defended in December 2014.

In veterinary oncology I have found the ideal combination of patient care (for both pets and owners), challenging technical aspects, comparative biomedical research and a link with the one-health philosophy.

What little time is left, I try to divide between my family, and hobbies that include running, skiing, diving, horseback riding, travelling and enjoying good Belgian beers with friends.

Being a vet for almost 20 years now, I learnt never to plan things too far ahead and just enjoy the ride. There is so much to do, just so little time….

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